Purchase of the exhaust system - what to pay attention to?

What could broke down? There are several types of exhaust system failure. The most common reason is definitely corrosion. It even happens to owners of relatively new cars. Fortunately, the faults of the exhaust system are quite difficult to overlook, or rather "to hear." If the hole is small, the exhale gently rattles. As the problem increases, these sounds go into a loud buzz.

The next type of failure is a crack - it can happen when we drive on a big hole, a curb or we go on a cross-country ride with a passenger car. Usually the silencer cracks because it is made of thinner sheet metal than the exhaust pipes. The hooks of pipes and silencer are also quite often destroyed, giving similar sound effects like a leaky system. Locating the exhaust system fault is relatively easy due to the fact that damage is usually visible and audible. Some damage can be seen with the naked eye, for others the mirror may be useful.

When purchasing the exhaust system in our store, pay special attention to the "FITS TO" table and the limitations for a specific model - the "LIMITATIONS" column. This information is very important. Often, car manufacturers use different exhaust systems in the same car models! Only a small difference in the year of production or information about having an automatic or manual transmission decides whether the system will fit or not. To avoid surprises and unnecessary returns, please consult the tables. We have devoted a lot of time to create an exact list.